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LAST UPDATED: 8th April 2020

08-04-2020: Submit your e-Application today to assess your eligibility to purchase a unit at Ola, receive a balloting ticket and VVIP invite to view the showflat on launch day. e-Application is non-obligatory and is absolute free-of-charge!

07-06-2019: Ola is officially taking in e-Applications and registration of interest! Only EC to be launched in 2019 and the lowest PSF pricing in the market, so don’t miss this golden opportunity!

04-06-2019: More developments are coming your way near Ola. Read about how Ola will benefit with the launch of the Sengkang Town Hub, Sengkang Regional Sports Centre and the Sengkang Digital District

01-06-2019: June school holidays are here, but not sure what to do? Schedule a visit to Oasis Terrace @ Sengkang, the first new-generation neigbourhood centre of its kind

28-05-2019: Wanting to visit the showflat without committing to an e-Application form? Contact us now and we will arrange with you on how you can preview the showflat during launch day

26-05-2019:  Stay tuned to view our complete Floor Plans!

24-05-2019: Check your loan eligibility by calculating at the Max Loan Eligibility Calculator (MSR) on this Ola website.

23-05-2019: Download and view the Ola E-Brochure.

20-05-2019: The Ola Gallery have been updated. Check them out!

18-05-2019: View the full Ola Floor Plan on our website, to be released shortly.

15-05-2019: Do you know Singapore Condo and HDB rents rose in Q1 2019 ?

10-05-2019:  Find out about the Site Plan for Ola.

06-05-2019: Find out more about the Location Map of Ola and see how well this place is connected through public transport and road networks.

02-05-2019: You can now view the transformation of Sengkang town by viewing the video on Ola website.

01-05-2019: Want to find out more on the Draft Masterplan 2019 in Sengkang and how it affects Ola? Read the Sengkang Draft Masterplan 2019.

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